Equipment we offer:

At our new location in Santa Ana, we offer brand new washers and dryers that save you time and money, get your clothes cleaner, and are better for the environment.

Our new front-load washers are the most efficient washers found in commercial laundries and laundromats today. Their counter-rotating drums thoroughly disperse detergent, and better agitate clothes to remove dirt and stains, and use almost 60% less water than traditional washers. At the same time they wash your clothes faster, our washers use less energy and are gentler on your more delicate pieces of clothing. 

Moreover, our new washing machines' high speed final spin cycle produce clothes that are close to dry before you put them in our new high efficiency dryers, further reducing drying time and energy consumption. (See our FAQ page for more technical details.)

Use our new machines once and you'll never go back to regular home washers and dryers again!

Our 20lbs (2 loads) uses only about 11 gallon of water compared to home washer around 27 gallons per load. 


20 lbs
30 lbs
40 lbs
50 lbs
80 lbs


30 lbs
45 lbs


Save Time & Money! Wash & Dry in less than 50 Minutes:

We offer Speed Queen and Huebsch commercial washers and dryers at our laundromats with washer capacities up to 80 lbs and dryers up to 45lbs.  If you have a week or a month worth of laundry, our 80lbs machines can do the job in a single load.  This can save you time out of your busy week! Most of us spent an average of more than 2 hours doing laundry each week. Why not cut that time in half? By reducing laundry time, quality time is spent with friends and family.


Soap & Suds Information:

Think by using more soap will clean your clothes better? We disagree! Top load washers are smaller capacity and less efficient. Front washers provide a better wash and are gentler on your garments due to their tumbling action. They need less soap (for example a double load front load washer will need about 1 1/2 load’s worth of soap). Front load washers are better value and more environmentally friendly. Doing laundry at our facility is cheaper per pound than using home-based washers or dryers. Wash cycles may cost a little more than old school top-loading washers, but the high extraction speed of spin's our front-load machines makes up for it by shortening your drying time. Clothing comes out-cleaner and contains less water.



Our laundromats offer advanced security system technology. Each facility is equipped with the latest technology in video monitoring out there. Customers feel safe when they are doing their laundry with us because of this added protection.